Student life

Fall Fun is Here!

We will be ending this month by celebrating our Fall Party! The party will start around 9:30am. Children can sign up to bring in a treat for their classmates and are encouraged to wear a simple, comfortable costume. Please make sure costumes are over their clothes, so students can take their costume off. We are also hosting a trick and trunk night for families – be sure to check out the Events page for more information!. We will be reading and learning all about our five senses, our bodies, good nutrition, ways to exercise, farm and fall.

Summer Fun at CMCLC!

Come join us this summer to experience the immense amount of fun that we have at CMCLC! We have an 

Having Fun Indoors!

The summer months can bring many fun and exciting outdoor adventures, however, at times summer can also bring days where 

Hiring for Fall 2019! We are GROWING!!!!

  Hiring for Fall 2019! We are Growing!!!! Do you have a passion for educating young minds? Submit your online 

Back to School Prep!

We know that going back to school and the beginning of fall can be a busy time for families, therefore, 

Transition Advice 🙂

Going to school for the first time or returning to school can be such a fun and exciting experience for 

First Week Back to School!

Good morning and happy Friday to everyone! This week at CMCLC we are studying our back to school theme! We 

Teaching Inclusivity

Here at CMCLC we encourage our students each and everyday to include all friends in activities! We recognize all differences 

We Love Nutrition!

This week at CMCLC we are studying “Nutrition and Healthy Choices” with our students! We are doing activities such as 

Country Life & City Life

This week at CMCLC we are studying both country and city life! We will be studying both and comparing the