The summer months can bring many fun and exciting outdoor adventures, however, at times summer can also bring days where it may be ideal to stay inside! Below, find some tips and tricks about having fun while indoors!

-One of the classic indoor games that children LOVE is freeze dance! Break out the radio or play a fun song on a phone and bust a move! Parents can be silly and participate in the game as well which will make it THAT much more fun!

-Another activity is scavenger hunts! Create clues to read with your child for them to go around the house and challenge them to hunt down their prize which could be anything from a special new toy to a special treat at the end!

-Yoga is such a fun and exciting way for children to stretch and increase their flexibility while simultaneously having fun! Find a fun yoga mat that your child will enjoy doing their awesome new yoga poses on!

-Cooking with a grown up is so much fun and can also enhance your child’s math and cognitive skills! Find a fun recipe with lots of pictures online, print it, gather the materials and get ready to chef it up in the kitchen with your child. Allow your child to, safely, do the majority of the pouring, measuring, and cooking!

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