We know that going back to school and the beginning of fall can be a busy time for families, therefore, we would like to offer a few tips and tricks to be able to ease into this transition!

-A few weeks prior to going back to school, begin the routine that you would normally follow during the school year to ease your child back into their regular routine!

-Discuss homework with your child ahead of time and the importance of completing this homework in order to extend upon the activities that they learn during the day at school. Reassure your child that you are always willing to help them with their homework when needed!

-Use visual cues with your child such as a calendar or a chart with pictures so they are able to see what is happening on which day as far as school and extra curricular activities!

-Prepare backpacks and lunch boxes the evening before school each night and allow your child to assist with this to make the morning transition smooth for all!

-Attend any back to school events or open houses with your child to familiarize them with the surroundings and the routines of their school.

-Use positive talk when discussing school with your child especially if they are transitioning into a new environment, if they know that you are excited about it they will most likely emulate these feelings!

-HAVE FUN! Although school is an educational facility, it is still important to have fun while doing so as learning new things and reaching new goals is exciting! Remind your child to always look for the fun in their learning activities!

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