Enrichment Program

Engaging Activities for Well-Rounded Growth

Students at Creating Memories Children’s Learning Center (CMCLC) regularly rotate through our Enrichment Program. This program involves engaging in hands-on, interactive activities that help our students grow into confident and independent leaders.

Our wide range of activities span everything from educational learning and creativity to physical education and life skills. Whether we’re growing, harvesting, and cooking our own food from our greenhouse or putting on a play, selling tickets, and performing for everyone’s families, your child is sure to gain skills that will help them in all domains of their future growth.

Our Enrichment Program takes place in our activities room as well as outside, and often includes activities such as:

  • Theater/drama
  • Art projects and shows
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Sign language
  • Gardening
  • Growing and harvesting food
  • Cooking
  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and math)
  • Outdoor activities
  • Obstacle courses

Enrichment Program Requirements

As a safety precaution, children must be at least three years old to participate in our Enrichment Program. We’ve found that children three and above have an easier time travelling downstairs to our activity room. They also tend to get more out of the types of activities we engage in than younger children.

Enrichment Program Cost

There is no additional charge for our Enrichment Program. While many childcare centers provide similar programs and activities, they tend to charge additional (and oftentimes exorbitant) fees. This high cost is prohibitive for many families, limiting participation.

At CMCLC, we believe that a well-rounded education shouldn’t cost more, and that cost shouldn’t prevent you from giving your child the very best. That’s why our Enrichment Program is incorporated directly into our curriculum at no additional cost for all children three and above.

Kickstart Your Child’s Growth Today

Thanks to our Enrichment Program, children at CMCLC start learning on day one. To learn more about our program or enroll your child, submit a parent interest form or contact us today.