Maryland’s Premier Pre-K School (4’s to 5’ Classroom)

Students that have strong school readiness skills achieve higher results throughout their school years, as this foundation of learning creates tools for students to thrive in each academic grade. The Pre-K program at Creating Memories Children’s Learning Center, Inc. (CMCLC) uses the curriculum by Houghton Mifflin with Macmillan/McGraw-Hill to enhance the learning experience and engage in kindergarten readiness activities. Children enrolled in our pre-kindergarten classroom receive all academic areas of learning to build skills in language development, letter recognition, reading, writing, comprehension, math, number recognition, science, social studies, enrichment programs and social interactions in class. The children take joy in interactive learning centers designed to meet specific education goals, laying the cognitive framework for later learning and academic success.

Our Pre-K curriculum allows children to learn through play, offering hands-on activities that encourage touch, experimentation, and exploration of their world while improving social skills. Students have time to journal and complete activities that inspire healthy beginnings and provide a complete and well-rounded educational experience. Students have monthly themes/topics that are interesting and relate to the world in which they live.

In addition to teacher-directed instruction, a typical Pre-K school week includes rich learning opportunities for pretend play, enjoying and learning how to play music, discussing art and sparking creative artists to learn shapes, letters, and numbers, conducting science experiments, writing and acting out plays, finding solutions using math, abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Students enjoy enrichment programs, as part of their curriculum, that allow them to discover physical education, outdoor activities, go through obstacle courses, cook, garden and grow food, learn life skills, make art projects, hear various kinds of music, learn about the theatre, speak Spanish, and use their hands to show sign language.

Teachers, with the support of our families, work to ensure the student comprehends and captures each skill and concept, letter, shape, number, developmental goal, or activity the student is learning. Students take home their work, so families can see what the student is working on as this is an important component to the success of each children’s educational achievements and designed to create meaningful learning experiences at home with parental involvement. Family support is key to the overall success of our students and with a collaborative communication system, we can prepare our students for the school year and beyond! Students in our Pre-K classroom perform a graduation ceremony at the end of the year to demonstrate all of their hard work and show our families just how ready they are for their next learning journey!

Pre-K is challenging, fun, and rewarding. We, as teachers, work hard to utilize the latest tools and ever-changing standards to make sure every child is given the ability to learn in a fun, hands-on, and educational environment. It is the combination of actively involved parents and the efforts of our amazing teachers that create a winning combination to prepare children academically for later school success. This team approach, for our students, makes learning fun, and gives all students the needed tools and skills to conquer the school year and be prepared for the many school years to come!

More information about our Pre-K (4’s to 5’s classroom), daily schedules, and developmental goals are available during scheduled tours of our learning center! To schedule a tour or inquire about Pre-K enrollment, call today or complete our online interest form!

This is a general overview only.