Learn what is happening this month at Creating Memories Children’s Learning Center, Inc. (CMCLC)!

Fall fun is here! We will start October off by celebrating our five senses and Fall inside and outside the classroom. We will be reading and learning all about our five senses, our bodies, good nutrition, ways to exercise, farm and fall. We will be creating fall art and enjoying fall music! Students will have many opportunities to learn about our topics/themes for the month through play. Classrooms will have hands-on activities, engaging academic skills, specials that enhance and enrich learning, and interactive learning centers that have material to support each topic. We will discuss the changes in the upcoming fall season. We will be working on letter and number recognition, fine motor skills to write and cut, large motor skills to jump and hop. We will be developing
strategies to work in small and large groups, and we will discuss friendships and how we can interact with one another in a positive and kind manner! Homework, for ages 3
and above, begins October 3rd .

We will be ending this month by celebrating our Fall Party! The party will start around 9:30am. Children can sign up to bring in a treat for their classmates and are encouraged to wear a simple, comfortable costume. Please make sure costumes are over their clothes, so students can take their costume off. We are also hosting a trick and trunk night for families – be sure to check out the Events page for more information!

Please remember to dress your children for the weather as the Fall season is upon us and some days are cooler! Should your family need anything, please feel free to email Shirley Vesper svesper@cmclc.com . Thank you for choosing us for your most precious gifts. We cherish the time we have this year watching all students learn and grow!


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