CMCLC’s Response to COVID-19

CMCLC is fighting the Coronavirus and offering childcare to families that require care during this difficult time. Below are some things we are doing to the best of our ability to maintain a clean facility, and most importantly, keep our teachers, families, and students safe and healthy.

  • We have Hospital grade cleaning material that we are sanitizing our school with nightly.
  • We are using all the recommendations for how to not spread the virus and we are washing hands for 20 seconds often.
  • We have an HVAC system with Hepa filters and a UV light that kills airborne germs.
  • We have small classrooms, none that have more than 10 students in any room, but many of our classrooms have only 6, 8 and 9 students total in each classroom. We are making sure to never have more than 10 people in any setting at any time.
  • We have set rigorous protocols for illness and other safety measures so, while we are open, we are working to keep all healthy.
  • We have a detailed pre-screening for any family that does enroll during this time, so we are not only proactively monitoring the spread of the virus, but supporting families that must work.
  • We are continuing strong academics to support our students in their growth, development and education while we face these unsettling times.
  • We will work alongside FCPS to engage in online learning or other means to help our school age students continue their education, if this is offered.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our response to COVID-19, or our programs in general.

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