Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training

Training for teachers is key to the overall success of the school!

Creating Memories Children’s Learning Center, Inc. (CMCLC) is Frederick County’s premier child care and early learning center! In addition to providing year-round educational and child care programs, we also offer our team of teachers professional development classes. The Teacher Training Program at CMCLC provides teachers with the professional training, tools, and skills needed to grow, manage, and successfully operate a classroom with confidence.

Why is Teacher Training Important?

Teacher training programs offer growth and help teachers become better educators. Training and professional development are crucial for building a solid foundation for developing into competent teachers and future school administrators. Professional education development not only benefits the teachers but also directly impacts the success of students.

Education is a never-ending process. Given how fast technology changes and how quickly our understanding and new discoveries for childhood growth and development are being realized, it is important for teachers to understand the learning doesn’t stop after earning a teaching degree and starting a career. Professional development and ongoing training provides teachers with the latest tools and strategies to ensure the best learning outcomes for their student’s. CMCLC offers our team days to train, and work together to build on their already strong teacher abilities!